Speciality of Jeeva Sookshma Naadi

It is believed that the Jeeva Sookshma Naadi came through the legendary Indian king, Satyavaadi Raja Harishchandra; who gave away his kingdom, sold his family and agreed to be a slave – all to fulfill a promise he had made to the sage Vishwamitra. Raja Harishchandra, who is considered to be an avatar of Lord Shiva, underwent hazardous examinations but strictly refused to tell a lie.

The traditional natal astrology helps people in a great way, but the Jeeva Sookshma Naadi goes a step further in helping them. Jeeva Sookshma Naadi helps people in understanding the role of their own past life Karma and its significance and impacts on their present lives. Further, it also suggests the remedies to get rid of the past life Karma, and to lead the present life in a better way. It prepares you to stand strong in the material world. In a way, it works like Bhagavadgeeta preached by Lord Sri Krishna to Arjuna, inspiring him to render his duty as a warrior in the battlefield.

Many spiritual masters, many heads of religious institutions, mutts and spiritual organizations frequently visit Guruji’s Naadi reading center for the divine guidance through the Jeeva Sookshma Naadi readings; and the readings by Guruji have inspired many. Many spiritual masters and heads of religious institutions come to meet Guruji so as to consult or discuss regarding proper ways and means to enjoy the divine perfection.

However, Guruji does not take any credit for all the knowledge that he is sharing with the people at large. He humbly states that it is not because of him, but because of the Jeeva Sookshma Naadi that those spiritually elevated persons get inspired. Guruji further states that he is not even much qualified academically and not so good at oration. However, when he starts reading the Jeeva Sookshma Naadi records some divine energy enters in him and starts overflowing. Many deserved people have witnessed this phenomenon.

How does it happen? Guruji says, the light mastering sages and the great enlightened saints are beyond the circle of birth and death. They are immortals. Guruji strongly believes that whenever one prays from the bottom of their heart, these immortal masters guide the souls in various ways. The Jeeva Sookshma Naadi is one of such ways.

​​​​​​​Hence, Guruji prescribes one should take guidance from his Jeeva Sookshma Naadi readings so to understand the phenomenon called life, and also to know the ways of nullifying the past life Karma, various horoscopic doshas and crisis that they face in their day-to-day lives. Guruji is always there to help every deserved person and assures that with the guidance from the Jeeva Sookshma Naadis, they will be on the right track.