About Guruji

Guruji Sri. P. Babuswami Nayanar is a revered spiritual practitioner and the Chief Naadi Astrologer. He believes in a stress-free and violence-free society. He has transformed thousands of lives with the help of Naadi astrological readings. Guruji prescribes a unique, impactful way of life that empowers, equips and transforms individuals to tackle challenges at all levels.

The Beginning

Guruji was born in 1966 in Peruncherry, a remote village in the Nagappattinam Dist. in the Tamil Nadu State of Southern India. He is the first son of Sri. Pakkirisami Nayanar and Smt. Santhanalakshmi Nayanar, who hailed from the Valluva community devoted to research and services in astrological and ayurvedic sciences. With help of these sciences, his forefathers have worked and strived for the well-being of the mankind. for the wellbeing of the mankind. ‘Nayanar’ is the royal title conferred upon Guruji’s forefathers and his family members hold it since generations unknown.

Guruji developed a great passion towards Tamil language in his childhood days. By the age of twelve, Guruji was able to recite ancient Tamil scriptures, and he also won the first rank in the district of Thanjavur at such a young age in about 1980. Soon his name spread in all corners of the region and his skills were appreciated by many. As he became well known in the society as a ‘young Tamil scholar’, Sri Arulsiva Arumugam - a great Tamil scholar himself, called upon young Guruji compassionately and inspired Guruji to take up reading the ancient palm leaf records as a hobby.

Meeting with Sri Arulsiva Arumugam was a turning point in the life of Guruji. Soon thereafter he left the academic studies and devoted his entire time to learning reading the palm leaf records under strict supervision of Sri. A. Sivasamy, the eldest son of Sri. Arulsiva Arumugam. During the journey, Guruji learned many secrets revealed in the Naadis.

A few years thereafter, one of Guruji’s friends, who happens to be a Muslim, gifted him a huge coffer replete containing number of ancient Naadi palm leaf records. Soon thereafter, Guruji was invited by the descendents of erstwhile Pandya Kings who also gifted a number of palm leaf records to Guruji. From that point onwards, the Naadi palm leaf records started coming to Guruji from various sources. He also got hold of the rarest bundle of Naadi leaves titled the ‘Mahasiva Jeeva Sookshma Naadi’, which today enrich his repository.

Another turning point came in his life when the Naadi readings preordained to him to move to the place the name of which means a ‘nose’. Soon, despite not knowing anyone in the city, Guruji moved to Nashik city. ‘Nasika’ in Sanskrit language means a ‘nose’, and as per the readings, Guruji was predestined to arrive in this city to serve humanity.

Since the year 2000, Guruji is stationed in Nashik city and renders Naadi reading services for the well-being of the global society. Guruji mainly reads the Mahasiva Jeeva Sookshma Naadi for the seekers.

​​​​​​​Guruji’s approach towards Naadi reading is not commercial. He reads the Jeeva Sookshma Naadi records just because he is destined to do it purely as a divine service. He reads only for deserving persons, who come to him genuinely to seek answers in their lives. Many seekers who have taken guidance from Guruji’s readings confirm the fact that he’s not doing this commercially